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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Married life. Finally.

An entry.
hey hey hey
It's been so long, that I almost forgot that this blog exist. I've been so busy sometimes I forget that I am married and maybe I should slow down with all the work. 

Well, the all time favourite question nowadays must be the "How's married life?" And to answer that I have to screen how the person who asked. well, you know, you have to let them hear what they want to hear. Being an architect with a non architect partner ain't easy. I am so lucky that my husband is so understanding I felt terrible each time I have to stay back late or left him all alone during weekend because I have to get into the office. 

Life ain't that hard as long as you know what you want or need and stop giving a damn on what people think your life should be. You know all those "kalau aku...", and oh...I can't even type all those 'advice' because they are just too negative. 

Well anyway, I am stuck doing all those drawings I feel like I should've resign immediately and scare to death that I might not be able to get any other job. (yes, I am that paranoid about not being able to get job and unable to have my own pocket money) I been seeing a lot of people kept on posting that "IF YOU ARE TIRED WITH YOUR JOB, REST, DON'T QUIT" thingy. Well, quit is never an option. But I am in that state where I am confuse whether I actually hate the job or I hate the people who involves in the job. Most probably, a lil bit of both.

Okay. Enough about me ranting about life. My life is okay. I've been surrounded with many wonderful soul, I  know I have not being thankful enough.

So, too those who wonder whether or not I am now a Mrs. I am a Puan now. I still feel awkward when people addressed me as Puan though. Here I introduce you the man who steals my heart. (pfftttt..cliche) He's coping well with my randomness, my cartoon-ness my non-stop ranting and all the other bad habit. So to the question of "How's married life?"

We are still learning about each other. We don't really date before married. It happened so fast. I still don't know his favourite color. he he  he. As someone who used to tell everyone that she doesn't want to get married because she is so comfortable living her own life and she's so in love with her freedom, our marriage made some other girls who had the same philosophy re-think about theirs. It's not impossible to be able to meet someone and feel like "okay, we can be BFF forever. Let's do this."
You can't force it to happen, but God's will. It will happen if He want it to happen. 

Till then. I have to start looking at the drawings again. T_T

- E N D -