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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

10 days ahead

Felt a bit unwell today. I went to the office this morning to find out that i am totally not in a good condition to work. Checked all the necessary things and got home. Slept for a while and woke up still feeling shitty.

I don't know if this is a near marriage life syndrome or what. But to date, i am still hell busy handling 2 contracts with 6 site projects in it. With 5 projects already on site. I sometimes feel like killing everyone on site because THEY make my miserable life more miserable.

To be honest, when people asked that question "How do you feel?" I am curious enough to know exactly how i feel. Seriously. I don't panic, overwhelmed, expecting fairy tales or any necessary feelings that a bride should feel when the nikah day is just 10 days ahead.

Well, anyway, I am a bit freak out just now to realize that it's 10 days ahead. I can't believe my eyes when i saw it on calendar just now. I only have 1 weekend left.


- E N D -

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