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Monday, September 14, 2015

life ain't that easy peeps

When people asked me, 'how i stay positive after it happened?'

my answer : He took one, but He made me realize that i have all the love in the world. Like, seriously, kasih sayang dari seluruh pelusuk dunia.

As usual, when i started writing, i have something to update, whether it's really happy, bothering me or i just have a task need to be completed but too lazy or stuck while doing it.

and to be honest. it's a mixed up of everything. I am supposed to complete my Historical Impact Assessment which i never done before, and that explain why i'm here. i'm stuck!

well a lil update about life.

i just got engaged. How did it happen? I  have no idea. it happened so fast, and i hope it goes smoothly. Thank you for all the prayer, sweet wishes, and the love.

over sangat tunang cenggini dah... hahahhaha...

with le BFF (kak nadd) yang always ada and le photographer (kit)
both are ex-studiomate from uitm. 

here my other positive energy, my other tower, sekar...and my MUA for the E-day. Thank you!

And to everyone yang takde dalam gamba. Aboo, A'ai, Reny, Teha, Bid, Esah, Mieza, Farra, Izzati, Zeqt, As, the GenX, the UTAS gang and ramai lagi yang tak ter mention di sini...homaiii..thank you for the love... 

last but not unconditional love at the moment still goes to this little guy.

- E N D -

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