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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Of work, life and love

It's been busy lately. Sometimes Mak will complain about how busy i've been.  I've gained  weight for not having proper meal and sleep most of the time.

Happier life. Busier work life. Random events. Random surprise. In conclusion. I am okay with everything in my life at the moment.

I still hate Monday. Still prefer no jerung. Still love to rant kind of Kunang. Still socially awkward. Still have that problem to say no to extra workload.

And today. I finally had that chance to cook again. Woohooo..that feelings... i love to cook more than i love to eat...definitely need to start that cooking therapy thingy again. Andddd..the most important thing have someone or bunch or people to eat it.

I miss you!!!

*my friend just can't believe it when i said this. Steel woman don't have this kind of feelings she said.

Not steel enough. I have my own soft spot. Jeng jeng jeng..

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