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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

if you can't agree to disagree. then don't start provoking.

i don't know where to start. and how to make this understandable.

2 things i learn today.
1 - if you can't agree to disagree. don't start arguing.
2 - the more you want to know about others' business. The pitier you become. I am proud of myself today for being able to say "please, i don't want to know" during mengumpat session.

So today. i had friend texting me over in whatsapp group just to tell me s/he is annoyed with the TMJ vs Nazri issue. Yes. I understand. For some people, they just feel like the need to respect the  royal family sounds just ridiculous. Been there. Trust me when i say i hate protocols. But to easily say stuff like 'kenapa nak exaggerate sangat nak kena hormat Raja dan sebagainya?' . really. you shouldn't talk about this matter with me if the only thing you want to listen is. yes you are right. Nazri should smack TMJ in the face.

If you want to hear to, no, the royal family doesn't deserve such respect. No. Im not the right person to talk to. They might not be my close family. But being one from many born with the name Raja taught me a lot about people. I become me today because of how 'rakyat jelata' used to treat me before.

S/he raised and issue about how s/he doesn't agree why some people need to exaggeratedly 'back-up' TMJ. And my respond was, 'I don't agree with you'. He spoke up on behalf of his people. And of course they do not agree on how Nazri responded to TMJ.

So, s/he got mad, Started to say something like, 'i thought u said u don't care about the royal thingy?'

Yes. i don't care. But it doesn't mean you can simply say anything you want. Stereotyping the whole royal family is what people do all these while. You have no idea how hard it is to bring this name. How cynic people  became when they knew your real name. How bitter people react when you did something not right and they start to stereotyping you because you have Raja in your name. i learn to agree to disagree from a very young age. what i respond to you dear friend is a reminder. never start a fight if you can't agree to disagree.

let compare apple to apple. When we were abroad. People say bad things about our religion. How disgust you feel? Same goes to me. What you know now, is just what your brain let you digest. You want to hate people. Go ahead. I can't agree with you. Know your limit when talking. Some people just sensitive enough. You can't blame them. Some of them were raised in the istana themselves. The uprising process were where the way of talking, the way of addressing are all in protocol. Kita yang tak berprotocol ni. Tak payah la nak mengutuk sangat. Tak jadi lagi bagus pun.

one more thing. if you start to use your social media to hate others. Pity you.

- E N D -

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