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Monday, June 15, 2015

Another year added. Wiser. Younger heart.

Never been busier. But feel blessed. Each year, i count how many birthday wish do i get. Whoever that are really close to me know how picky i am when it comes to open up to certain people. I choose my friend. I guard my heart. And most of the time, i am in control. Teha told me yesterday on how cool i look in the real world but the real me is actually here. In this blog. Here is definitely the other side of me. Kelam kabut. Jiwa kacau. Huru hara. Yup yup.

Very fruitful day for a birthday. 2 meetings in a row. 2 submissions. 1 presentation that had been cancelled. Good and bad news. Handling team with most of the members are men, principal from various firm and being among the youngest in the room just made me wanna puke. One consultant asked about my age today. With a smile i answered, "approaching 30," .

Weird enough. But i do hope i look older.

Here what i got for my birthday. My favourite thing from favourite people. (Gamba combi biru blakang je bukan gift. Tu lukis sendiri bertahun dahulu) so what else do you need? There's always a reason to be happy. Gamba anak sedara tido pon made my day. So. Always find a reason to stay positive. Because u worth it. (Said a person who used to be in critical depression. -_-)

Tengah cuba make time for some people. Saba ye adik adik. Ahkak busy sangat ni.

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