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Saturday, April 25, 2015


It's Saturday again. Nothing interesting to update. Just another rant. I've been extra busy lately to the point where I think 24 hours per day just ain't  enough.

I haven't have time to run. Walaupun hanya di treadmill dibtunah. I don't do dinner for quite sometimes now because it feels like wasting time. I haven't have fun and i need my life back! I started to feel like i'm aging and i confuse the sakit perut i had with masuk angin ke? Lapar ke? Or gastric ni?

I've been given an opportunity to handle few projects. 1 small project with quite luxury budget- a depot for sampah to be exact where no one in the office really has experience doing it and they let me attend the clarification meeting during their trip to euro. Cool! (Sarcastic mode here, this kind of meeting need the boss to say yes or no and i was the one who say yes or no, cool!) 1 conserve and restore project. Again. No one in the office has experience doing it. And it's a rare opportunity. It is an interesting project, i'm all excited to be the one to lead the team, to deal with the conservator, to learn the history of the building and all. The only thing that make me reluctant to go to the site is the 'cerita hantu'. They allocated quite a big budget for this project. My bosses called it- project mahal. And another 2 are housing project. The budget for these 2 are beyond huge. If i combine both project and sum it up, i lost count. And each time I attend the meeting for these 2, I always feel like i'm one of those characters in those dramas. 'Tak boleh dato', they won't  allow us to do that.' Or 'kita shot 14 juta dato'.'


And yesterday one of the bosses held a 'learning session' for the whole office. I have to say that it was more like 'peringatan towards the designers session'.

Rasa nak pitam tengok masalah masalah di site. Seriously. I sometimes feel like badly want to back off. Masa meeting bersama pengguna, they even called the bosses monkey. And they aren't even 40 yet. It's like, mentang-mentang ko dah beli rumah mahal, suka hati nak cakap macam-macam. Seriously? But yes. That's the nature of being an architect. Bila ada masalah. No matter what, team leader la yang kena. And during the learning session, they did mention few projects yang kononnya few steps ahead di stage where, memang kalau dapat makan tak habis la. Andddd...all my projects are in there. There's 5 projects mentioned, and 4 of em are mine. Tahniah la.

My team are scared. I myself? Damn scared. I call this, RIDICULOUS EXPECTATION.

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