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Monday, March 2, 2015

keep on counting yours

well hey.
just a lil update. a lil reminder. and a lil hope for always a better tomorrow.

Teha said finally i had that calming entry. rather than just that usual ranting and complaining.

work is at it's usual status. which is. yeah. remain stressful and hectic. i complained on how bad my cough are these days to the girlfriends. and most of the friends said, it must be because of my immune system since i always get 'too tired' everyday and work extra hours almost everyday. maybe they are right. my cough now is almost gone. and i hope for a better health.

i just started the treadmill routine again, this evening.  (like i ever had that routine. LOL) i used to walk a lot back in Tassie, or jungle trekking or do any other physical activities+recreation. The most often walk that i had now in Malaysia is most probably from my workstation(in the office) to the plotter, toilet and bosses' room. (thats like few steps away. The bosses locate me next to their room so i can attend them at anytime. i wonder why  i always get this kind of treatment)

I need to live healthily. That's the point here.

i remember being in depression. i have few of my friends who sounds depressed at the moment and the only thing i can offer is my shoulder for them to lean on.

and to remind them to keep on counting blessing. I have no other good advice to say. I said that a lot to myself. I try hard to seek for any small little thing that can make me happy. (yes, that include stuck in heavy traffic with comfort food or bumped into lelaki kacak or perempuan cantik or baby comel. LOL)

so remember, keep on counting blessing. The most positive me was when my father passed away. It's amazing how Allah make me, me. I've been in my lowest low few times indeed after my father died. But to keep on reminding myself that i have all the love from friends that i can count on from all around the world brings me hope. So. I counted mine(blessing). Keep on counting yours.

So here are some my week updates.

thursday night. i got from work quite late, and i heard fireworks. it's pretty beautiful but yeah..excuse my humble phone. (*_*)

the next pic is the beginning of all the pening kepala. 

what color is this dress?
i've ssen it as white and gold at first i swear. and it ended up my eyes or my brain like playing trick to their master. i see it as black and blue now. where the hell that gold and white dress gone?

then it's catching up time with bestie. (monday to friday, my activities were basically just work, work and more work)

here the dinner date, brunch sesh and theatre pics.

Friday night. Dinner at wangsa grill. I give this restaurant 3 out of 5.(please make reservation if you want to dine here) i'm waiting for the waiter to at least ask how i would like my daging be whether well done or half done macam tu. but no question asked. and the daging is a bit chewy. but taste wise. they tasted good. The strawberry sauce that came with nanchos tastes refreshing. i feel like sipping the whole shot..tapi ye. malu nak buat perangai.

we shared this.

kak nadd's


Saturday Morning

Since my car dah di tahap tak boleh dimaafkan lagi kekotorannya, lets have her washed. Sambil tunggu sambil usya orang sambil mengumpat mamat BMW tu sebab poyo sangat dok ronda-ronda kereta dia time orang tu tengah basuh kereta dia. 

Then to the Green Tomato Cafe for brunch
Honestly, i don't come here for the food, i go there for the ambience.I really like it there.  It's so holiday-like being there. It's so calm and it is located in the middle of the city. Here some pics of the place, 

After brunch, we went to Joe Meng Trading in Melawati. Teha introduced me the shop. We set the waze and macam biasa la, tak sesat tak sah. Then we gave up and park the car, jalan kaki, terus jumpa kedai. 

Really it is Syurga Junk Food.

It's like walking down the memory lane. There's a lot of junk food i used to eat when i was kid are still there. they're still selling em!
Here some of them. i bought coco pie, plum sweets, choki-choki, shared the double decker with kak nadd, and the oat bar. Total RM37. banyak gila makanan tak sihat! 

After Joe Meng, we headed to damansara empire. Damansara Performing Art Center to be exact-for theater. 

Kalau dah architect, dok la tengok details kan.

cool right?

 here are some installation to reflect the movie.

Sekuntum Mawar Merah.

i can't explain much-takut spoil. Masih ditayangkan until march (im not sure of the date)

 It was a bit slow for me at first. but hey. impressive musical theater i must say. nadia aqilah (Mawar) really nailed it. Remy(Rashid), there is still room for improvement for the singing part. I really like character Adam in this theater. Super rational. overall, the music arrangement, kekuatan vocal, story line with impressive element of surprise, worth the time spent.

Last but not least, I will continue my shopping mall explore plan next coming week.

Here the sushi pack i had while stuck in the heavy traffic. Comfort food during heavy traffic?

it's a bless.

To another busy week. I hope you are not that bad.

Monday Blues starts NOW.
(it actually started on saturday night already!)

- E N D -

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