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Sunday, February 22, 2015

following the flow

other than moving to new workplace and new house..nothing really interesting had happened. i'm still the old me.(maybe a bit fatter) i just hope i'll love the new house better and love the new office more than i love the previous one.

i'd love to share some part of my new place with you!

tonight's view. this is the view from my room. not as serene as my previous house. but hey! you can't compare apple to orange anyway~i can see clearly ampang puteri hospital from my room. everything is basically within reach.

i've been receiving a lot of 'concern' question about how would it be possible to get use to live in a tiny small apartment. Yeah. If you have visited my previous place, you would have asked the same question. The new place most probably is just as big as the living room of the previous house.

well anyway. i don't have problem getting use to new place. and my mom? she's doing well so far. she loves all the hustle and bustle. the non-stop sound of cars which i can't really stand. i've started my old habit in tassie which keep on listening to the creek sound and birds chirping sound so i could feel more relax... i hate unpleasant sound. i love the quiteness of my previous home. but the location and the size of the house make me think twice about staying there forever.

i repainted the side table and brought it to the new place. the age of this side table is wayyy older than my brother and i. My late father told me, he made this with his student when he was teaching in IKM. that was before he is married to my mother. 

i found this! the laser tag result! hahahahaha...good old days. (thrown away)

i posted this on IG and most of the friends said it's too hipster and i just badly influenced by pinterest. LOL. well anyway. i did pin hell A LOT of deco ideas. and none of them could be applied since the space, the weather and a lot of other factors are definitely different. bought the duvet cover on mysale (a really good deal). 'Too Feminine' some of the friend would refer this. but hey, you don't want me to start those superhero mode. LOL.

Another view. This pic was taken before i finished arranging all my stuff. now those circular hanger are already full with the tudungs. i placed all the tudungs and telekung at the back of the door. small room means that you need to put effort in arranging stuff or else there will never enough space for stuff.

some of the canvas in my room. it is a textured painting. i used to be so curious and so eager to explore materials. this is one of them.(the outcome product) the other series of textured painting i made had that metal look. only this one remain colourful and still look like a canvas painting rather than metal plate..

other paintings on canvas that are not too brilliant but have too many sentimental value to be thrown away. i only use blue tack to paste them.

This is the result of pinning too many stuff on pinterest and a lot of visit to ikea. (pssstt..go search for fairy light. bought them from IG seller and hell cheap.) yes. i still haven't hang some of the canvas yet.

thing you make when you have nothing at home. bread pudding! (now progressively filling up the fridge and food stock)

another good example of result of too many pinterest viewing. LOL. type balcony idea or maybe small balcony idea...they have a lot of interesting idea (excuse the pokok pandan hampir mati itu) bought the tile at ikea, the grass from daiso. 

and i even arranged it at the entrance door. yes. pinterest!! LOL.

and here. flat lay of the newborn clothes. Future auntie in the house inshaAllah.

we are still progressively moving. but since i already started working at the new place. i spend most of the time at the new place. 

- E N D -

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I re-watched devil wears prada.


I see emily(yes that andrea) in me.

And i glad i rejected that job which everyone wants.

Sejibik pulak plot cerita. Except that nate who do not exist. The rest? They are all there.

Remember i told u about the lady boss who wanted me to restyle my hijab? My way of dressing up. And how she makes me 'aware' of how bad everyone else out there wants the job she offered me?


It's all about choices.

At the moment. Not so obsess with my job