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Saturday, January 3, 2015


hey. Happy new year.

i hope i could begin it with something really cool and positive. like trying to make my life more interesting and what not. having those dreamy event. get myself a boyfriend. less hating anyone. and bla bla bla.

but ended up, i had my married ex boyfriend added me up on FB on new year's eve. so unpleasant! i ACCIDENTALLY stalk someone's ig who had been set to private before this, and hey no longer private? and showing all those majlis agama s/he attended. you know. it's funny nowadays, you have to kinda tell everyone what you eat, what kind of religious event  you attend to, and you know, set up everything to make your life looks cooler than everyone else. blame it on social media!

i somehow do considering shutting down Facebook and strictly avoiding myself from stalking anyone.

that's my resolution then. no more stalking. shut down FB(this one i don't know when). relisting friends. like who among them really want to be my friend or they just you know...whatevs..make sure i run 30 minutes 3 days per week (at  least! this will start once i move to new place). i wish i could do tahajud everyday (show off, tahajud pon nak tell the whole wide world..ok simple. i want to be closer to God..i've been too busy focusing on Dunia. seriously) i need to start focusing on getting my title for architect. i need to save more. i badly want to go for Umrah. and i hope i can make it happen this year. my last visit was on 2003.

and. most important thing. i need to stop looking at how green the grass are on the other side and focus on what i have.

i need to stop that constant feeling of people are getting pretentious day after day. i don't have problem with pious people. i only have problem with people who think they are pious.

i wont promise myself not to buy books and all. because books are like groceries to me. will seriously start seeking for partner for life(yes.husband) as my mum makes it one of  her must see thing before she dies. (Lord!) and as my ex-bf suddenly showed up. i was a bit uncomfortable to the fact that he used to say,,, if i don't marry him, no one else would. because no one else dare to ask for my hand. (no. i need to prove him wrong???) whatevs.

so many thing to achieve. so many thing to prove. just need to remind myself. please don't hate people who uploaded their pics attending those 'majlis agama' as you too..did the same thing. and seriously Kunang, when you have to constantly prove something (like need to post this and that on ig..just  because someone said you'll never eat at the stall..or you are not as pious as whoevs you know who)... eliminate those people.

You know you.

- E N D -

1 respond(s) to this blog:

nadiah hisham said...

Ok..sile post gambar makan tepi longkang lepas ni..hehehehe..@ maybe lepas ni blh ajk 'lets meet up at stall tepi longkang'..ahahaha..okbyes ;)