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Sunday, January 11, 2015

they taste like happiness

Aisha visited me today. She's a friend from highschool. She came to send me ......


My Favourite curly wurly from Teha...

How can I not be happy?

Surprisingly, Aisha never eat this before and was curious about the taste. And I told her "they taste like happiness, at least to me!" and I want her to have one. I was seeking for this curly wurly for quite sometime. And got unlucky most of the time. It was like either they don't have it at the store or they're just out of stock. T_T

I've been postponing my bath time since like 6pm. and i have to promise myself to go and shower and sleep after this or else i won't get enough rest for tomorrow.

hey. there's approximately 3 weeks left for me to work in the current firm. I am happy to the fact that, that means i'm moving to new place soon. and a bit sad to the fact that i'm leaving the firm where i actually already comfortable working in and i'm leaving the current house where we lived. I have a lot of my father's memories here. But hey. Rational first. You can't live with memories. Being the only one who's working, we need to let go few assets for a long term plan. One of them, is to let go this house.

Well, anyway, Aisha came helped me packing things and we had a really good chat session while packing. I've been really busy lately i forget to let loose. So, talking to her just now makes me realized how i haven't been giving myself enough space to breathe. We talked about a lot of things. We discussed about our problems. Like a real problem. Not just a problem.problem. Yeah. If you know what I mean. =)

I did tell her how exhausting i am to keep on being happy for others while the real fact is. No. I'm not happy. At all. Don't get me wrong. I do have some friends who inspire me a lot. And all I want is their happiness. I just sick with few who keep on seeking for an unnecessary attention and making all the not so problem as a problem. OK. cakap macam apa dah.pusing-pusing.

So, after talking to Aisha. I cancelled my RSVP to one of my not so close friend.(not that she makes me do this. I somehow get different idea of finding my own happiness) And book myself a conference (marriage conference) on that 14th February. I hope it will be as inspiring as TOF. I haven't been talking to other people except my officemate and my family for these past few weeks. I thanked God Kak Nadd is back so i can call her whenever I need to talk or rant. I haven't hang out for ages. And to be able to talk to someone else today is blissful. I no longer feel doubt with some of my actions. Like, my choice for my next firm and all. I am more clear with what I want. And what I don't want.

All in all. I haven't done packing. Yet. and will progressively doing it. For all the love gestures. Thank you. You have no idea how good I feel.

I do have that Monday Blues mode on eventually. But hey. One really good thing Allah keep on reminding me is.Since the day it happened. Although He took away my Father from me. He let me learn a lot about unconditional loves from strangers and friends. He keep on reminding me, no matter how bad my life gets, I have all the loves in the world.

- E N D -

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