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Monday, December 29, 2014

hati hati

katanya terlalu banyak yang dipendam
aku kata, biarkan berlalu fikir itu tidak perlu

mereka kata perlu lekas cari imam
masalah aku ada yang mahu tahu?

easier said than done.

seharian gelumang kerja
berada di padang di mana tunjangnya lelaki


bila semua kisah lelaki perempuan yang mainkan watak
tak perlu hairan jika zaman sekarang tidak cairnya kerak

kerak nasi bukan sebarang kerak

tak menentang mahupun seksis
cuma tidak berpeluang untuk mainkan peranan sebenar

- E N D -

Sunday, December 21, 2014


kerja terlalu banyak.
sampai rasa nak nangis.


emo lebih.

- E N D -

Sunday, December 14, 2014

manusia, iman, dunia, akhirat

Bila nama manusia
Tiada yang sempurna
Pintaku agar sentiasa diingatNya akan dosa sendiri
Pintaku agar aku enggan peduli dosa orang lain terhadap diri

Bila nama manusia
Sekental mana diri, setebal mana iman
Bila tiba cerita harta benda
Boleh putus tali persaudaraan


Yang senang dicari
Yang susah ditolak tepi
Hasil orang lain mau
Usaha sendiri sendiri


Ingat semula pengisian TOF
"Kisah" ini telah lama ditulis
Percaya pada Nya

Ya Rabb
Harap aku, "kisah" aku kisah yang baik-baik saja untuk penghujungnya

- E N D -

Thursday, December 11, 2014


i hate it when i have to choose. or to decide. to know that the decision i'm gonna make will lead me to be better or bitter makes it even worst.

i'm giving up my plan on doing phd. yes. i still can accept the offer. the offer will end on october next  year. but for now. i think, i should've strive for the professional title first. i gave up the jerung i dated. i found out i just met another me. like another difficult me. i can't live with another me. no way. but yes. he inspired me a lot. i'm so gonna make sure i'll be as successful as he is now when i'm his age. i remind him a lot of himself when he was young.

and now. it's all about choosing working place. i want to make money. like badly want to make money. i used to tell people, i don't want to be rich, i want to be filthy rich. out of 3 places i've went for interviews, i categorize them as A-easy target B-neutral and safe C-hell.

A & C already offered me a place. C basically is a place where everyone of us architect wanna go because they have brilliant directors (most of em are award winners), but they pay so-so. so that us the youngster hesitate to go and learn. the bosses are scary. I still remember that super long interview session 3pm to 930pm and that look on the director's face with that "WE ARE NOT COOL" on the whiteboard. yes. not cool at all. But if you want to go beyond limit, this is definitely the place. that scary director likes me though, as in i've brought lights in the room. yes. difficult people usually likes me. except jep.(eh. tak habes lagi jep???hahha...he's not difficult. he is just too brilliant anyway)

B. interviews went on for 2 hour and 20 minutes. and the uncle who interviewed me, he's really calm and studied all pages of my portfolio. one of the directors is my father's senior back in manchester. he just bashed in during the interview session, and asked "anak fihir eh?rupa kamu macam dia."  and i was like, how do  i react to this pakcik that most probably will be my boss. the one who interviewed me have that  straight face, my late bapak's style. my judgement, i can hidup in this firm. tak banyak kisah unexpected most probably.

and A. i have 1 acquaintance working there, and i asked how the boss like? and what should i know about the interviews. and she only answered "kalau sekejap boss tak suka la tu, kalau  lama boss suka"  they have 3 candidates on that day. the other 2 and me. first candidate went in, 10 minutes. 2nd candidate, 8 minutes. and me? 40 minutes plus minus. i assume we need 1 minute to walk to the boss' room and 1 more minute to walk to the door. so, that 8 minutes candidate had his interview session for only 6 minutes. seriously? sigh. walked in, greeted the boss. and i started talking. explain la sikit-sikit pasal portfolio. and he kept on asking questions. and i was like, okayyyy. He likes me. Tettttttt....easy target. the boss basically explain to me about the list of projects they have.completed, proposal, and the organization and all. he's the kind, if he likes someone, he will just like them. i can play that role!

basically, all of them asked why i do not stay at current firm. 2 of them directly told me that i'm pretty/beautiful (i don't know why is this necessary?) one of them told me that i have that award winner character and not surprise that i would set up my own firm in my thirties. one of them offer me knowledge from the best. one of them offer me all the easy money i could earn.

so which one?

money?  or learn the hardway?

- E N D -

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sales Malaysia

I used to babble about Year End Sales long time ago. And how frustrated i was because i had no money at that time, i'm just that another student surviving life with their pama's (papa & mama) money.

Now, i have job, and yes, money on my own, BUT i have no time. and it's waaaayyyy sadder.

The end of year is coming again and every brand will be busy throwing on sales for their customers to enjoy. Who doesn't love getting their desired items at a lower price? However, some people may be too busy to go out shopping during the weekends especially when they are always working. Retail outlets in shopping malls would be throwing on huge discount price to clear their stock for the end of year. Unfortunately, driving out to malls and being stuck in traffic can be such a turn off and a waste of time.(and as for me, i'm a shopping mall designer, everytime i went to the mall, i can't stop myself on studying where did they locate their roller shutter, the fire extinguisher, name it!! sad Kunang T_T)  If you are thinking of the solution to your worries, fret no more as you could enjoy the fantastic sales online deals at ZALORA.

ZALORA will be organizing a sales event called ‘Online Fever’ this month on various local and international brands on their website. Both men and women who are waiting to purchase some new fashion items such as clothes, shoes, accessories, bags or beauty products will definitely have a spectacular eye-candy experience. In just a few days’ time, fashion lovers can start their online shopping mood on to get the best offered deals online. The best part is you do not have to wait in lines for payment or rush through crowds to snatch your items. 

With just a click of a button, you will receive bargain price fashion items without burning a hole in your wallet. The ‘Online Fever’ event is to give appreciation and sales opportunity for customers to enjoy the sales promotion period. Scheduled to launch on 12 December, Online Fever 2014 will be on-going for the entire month. Squeeze some of your time during work or even at home before bed and select your favourite items at ZALORA. Countdown the days to the sales event and enjoy an amazing online shopping experience with ZALORA.   



- E N D -