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Friday, November 21, 2014

sikit lagi mahu muntah

i used to say i had this love hate relationship with architecture.

i'm facing that phase again at the moment.

i went all flat last Tuesday and took a leave. I had to. I can hardly sit straight. Went to see the doctor, and she asked me for a complete rest in bed for the whole day. Yet, i still babbling proudly about my 9 to 6 long sleep the previous night. and hey, i slept almost the whole day, i only woke up for meals and continue sleeping because i was just too tired. yes, sleep do wonders in my case.

and that one day leave, make my whole life now feel like there's no tomorrow. i have tonnes of work to do. ridiculous datelines. ridiculous presentation to prepare. and ridiculous stuff everywhere. have you ever heard, when everything is urgent, nothing is actually really that urgent.i have to agree with that.

but hey, this time around, i'm too scared to sleep. and here i am. trying not to get crazy.

- E N D -

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