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Thursday, June 12, 2014

my phone has been hacked

this is serious matter.

to make it worst, when i asked around my so called friends, their respond was so irritating and not helping at all. i currently had to reformat my phone. and i lost all my calendar which i thought i've backed up. (my calendar is important as i record everything on calendar)

my phone had mysteriously remote by i don't who. it keeps sending out sms. and i do not know what kind of sms. i've deleted all before i reformat my phone.

i've received tonnes of messages and calls today. some were super rude. i don't know what message had they received. some even asked me to identify myself as he said that his number is registered under ministry of defence.

"YOU IDENTIFY YOURSELF FIRST SIR!!!" i have kindly reply to some who care to text back to not click any link that have been forwarded and i've been hacked. or they'll face the same problem just like me.

belum lagi kira whatsapp dengan gamba bertudung labuh bagai tapi bahasa seperti tidak berakhlak.

i received this

they even have my name there. and coincidently, i am waiting for a parcel.  i check out my sent out sms, this 'thing'(seriously i dont know how should i address this 'thing') had sent out the same message with names at the front. hundreds of em. and none of the numbers are on my phone book. so. yeh. most probably. this thing hacked my phone book too and will ,maybe..sent out sms to my contact list through next people who click on the link.

so. beware. dont click any link.even if you are actually waiting for a courier. T_T. if the message don't stop by tomorrow. i will definitely make a police report. and i'll find this scumbag who mess with my day. 

- E N D -

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