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Sunday, April 27, 2014

it is so you

tomorrow, most probably the principal will call me due to the email cc-ed by the consultant. The specific reason he cc-ed it? i have no idea. Really. Go to hell with it.

Will be leaving the current house i'm living in soon. within this year most probably. there's a lot of mixed feelings about it. been staring to the stripy wall for hours and think. will i miss all of these?

well. everyone needs a new starting point. this might be my starting point then.

i remember few friend who came over my house. they had this almost the same dialog where they'll say "oh. this room feels like your room in (whenever i used to live)".  

Been trying to love myself more nowadays. will try to care less and do whatever i want to do.

i had enough.

that wall

- E N D -

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