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Saturday, March 22, 2014

That 'K' word

That's how one of the friends said it. And I'm not sure exactly what does that 'K' stands for. So, I'm assuming it is K for kurus. LOL.

Since the day I was back from Launnie, I've been receiving a lot of that K comment. Which I doubt. Hahaha. So, most probably, it's the camera angle, or the tudung I wore, or the clothes. Yes, I seriously lost weight during finals. Due to workloads and kesedihan melampau probably. During that time I no longer can fit all the pants. I need to wear either skirts or jeggings. And wearing belts didn't help much. Not that I like being fat. But I don't think losing weight that way is healthy. And yesterday, I re-insta my date with ziq n qil, and received a lot of text asking whether I am ok. (Sorry that I only realised the message once I woke up this morning).

I'm not sure how kurus I look like in the pics. But with all the text and all. I presume I look kurus than normally I do. And maybe look a bit 'ill'. Tapi sebenarnya sebab penat kot....~

So. To answer all the questions.

I'm good. Healthy Alhamdulillah. And. No. Saya tidak diet. Itu semua ilusi. Haha.

And thank you for all the love shown. Sayang korang! Terima lah daku yang tak berapa kurus ni seadanya...hahahahaha..

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