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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I am tired.
Tired of wearing this facade.
Tired of being strong for others.
Tired of waking up everyday and convincing myself everthing would be okay while I know that the word okay is meaningless nowadays.
Tired of reminding myself that in difficulties theres always ease.
Tired on telling people that I have things that I have to put in the priority list.
Tired of answering questions like 'are you okay with this decision?'  Honestly, if I ever had any other better choices, I'll choose the other better choice.

Thanks to those who don't mind listening to all my rants. That's all I need at this moment. Willing listener. Not people who try to be smart and suggesting shits because they don't know my situation well enough.

Yes. I just need time to be able to be less strong. And put away this facade for a while.

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