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Sunday, September 22, 2013

wrap up minggu ini.

just like what i've been babbling in my previous post about how hectic my week is finally over...i mean for the interim is not really that over, over. but at least, i may have time for myself and be normal human being again and have my heart pumping at it's normal beat.

like one of my friend said. 'kita ni burung hantu pencen.' i couln't agree more. stay up late at night or sleepless night sounds irrelevant to me these days. so, it was always a 2am to 5am sleep, or 12 to 5 am sleep. no matter what. i will surely sleep, at least 3hours per day. or else my work pace will become slower, and the design product will be just rubbish.

the conclusion for last Friday's interim. they were all fine with my idea. and they're not okay with the way i presented my board. to be honest, i became more passive each day and i don't know why. it just that, it's easier that way. i speak up when people ask question. i did babbling, ranting, and all those speaking thingy, but only with certain people. my lecturers complained that i am too shy and keep blocking people from getting inside my head. and they have these people, judging by  my appearance maybe, or my character or i don't know what, they do have this belief that i might be really good with hand drawing which i'm not. mat saleh ni kadang-kadang pelik, they got amazed by your scratchy sketches, and that is just...euwww...stop it...but yep. it seems like i have to give them what they want.  i'll work out my sketch skill and have the elevations and sections that they always wanted.

nah. jemput tengok idea awal library aku yang kononnya special sangat. ramp bersepah habaq ang. the external panel did say, ' i think you really love seattle library, have you been there?' and i was like,..'urm, not yet..' i am that 'lucky last' as they called it to present during interim..sebelum tu pakcik tu (the external panel) dah hamukan dekat satu student, aku dah tak tentu arah. Alhamdulillah, during my time, they were all okay, helpful with ideas, and diorang macam paham la, aku ni memang pemalu, lepas tu nasihat lama gila, dari aku berdiri, smpai aku tarik kerusi duduk sebab rasa nak pitam berdiri lama sangat. so, overall Alhamdulillah. tak kna bambu sehingga mendatangkan rasa down. haha. and right after submission, i went to see budak yang kena bambu kaw kaw tadi, rasa nak tolong nangis untuk dia, sebab dia smpai tak bersuara sebab tahan nangis. aku mana boleh tengok kejadian begini. haih.

kepada yang membantu membakar semangat. terima kasih. kepada yang tak paham2 aku busy nak pandang kiri kanan pon tak sempat, terima kasih sebab make it clear that i don't need you in my life anymore.

- E N D -

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