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Thursday, September 12, 2013

freezing thursday

i'm not sure whether it is really cold outside...or it is just me...i am all wrapped up like chicken slice in kebab pita bread...

so..yesterday was the day i bid farewell to ADR (Advance Design Research) .. hope everything will goes well. now, i can concentrate on PP (Professional Project).. as usual.. i am in that panic mode...and not deciding what i would want to do with my design thingy. well, i do have plans that work. but it seems too safe at the moment, too safe here mean a plan that u can't like nor hate. it happen all the time anyway to any random archi students. so, i had that 'krik krik' moment yesterday during ADR presentation and i hate it. T_T please be ok... i can't stand living another year here in Launceston. NO.

back to PP,  my last tute session was...hmm..i don't know how to explain it....but...the lecturers did ask for crazy models...and i was like...what?? i only have that not so crazy 3D images that i've produced last night. and i don't have enough time to give you new 'crazy' model each time we have tute session. and my supervisor seems to have that belief that i love to make models...and i have the potential to make these fancy design thingy. thanks for the impression? T_T now im in dilemma whether to stay safe or just design crazily without thinking stuff like "chop, kalo building ni terbakar, orang nak lari kot mana?"

it took me forever to decide. O Allah, give me strength!

- E N D -

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