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Saturday, September 14, 2013

foodie? not.

it's already spring here in Australia. and in Launceston, we still have that -2degree weather at night. with that kind of weather, it's so hard for me to get out from the duvet. with the interim thingy that will be happening next week, it is a stressful week i must say with the freezing weather. Sometimes, i wonder if my Subuh prayers all this while were 'sah'. menggigil macam hape je kot. T_T.

Last night, i was worried about today. will i be able to be that morning person again? aha. So, i made myself a motivation plan. i'm so in love with this vegan laksa by garden of vegan. they have a restaurant. but i still fail to find the location of the restaurant, so, the easiest way is to get em during harvest market on saturday. i was like 'okayyy,  i will wake up early for that yummy laksa? you badly want it right kunang? so, wake up early for it!' nampak tak motivasi aku mudah sangat...makanan yang sedap... T_T then tak payah complain kenapa makin lama makin gemuk. 

well i nearly gave it up. it's super cold this morning, and stay in bed seems the most relevant thing to do. tapi. kugagahkan jua demi laksa ini. so here it is. vegan laksa! the look was not so impressive. but the taste was nice..and it's for vegan...healthy eh? they also sell desserts and cake and some other foods i can't recall, because all im focusing on was only their laksa..haha..all vegan...for the cakes and desserts, i think they are a bit pricey considering the portion, but it's healthy, people just bought em anyway. for the laksa, it costs 9aud. tapi super kenyang. and next time, i'm planning on bringing my own cutlery. sudu dia tak best. susah aku nak hirup kuah dia yang sedap. the best part was, when there's a couple asked to join in the table, tetiba diorang bawak keluar cutlery sendiri, speechless. aku baru fikir nak buat, dah ada orang buat. so, next time, boleh buat la...takde la rasa macam tak senonoh sangat. and they were like reciting a mantra or whatever they called it before eating their food, trust me , i tried hard not to make funny face, tapi, muka daku, agak obvious bila hairan. haih. maaf's a free country anyway, you may practice whatever you want to practice. i don't mind. i terkejut saja. hihihi. 

and......for the first time....i made tiramisu.....pahit...T_T....but i forgive myself as it's my first time. next time i believe i can make a better tiramisu...hahahhaa...kesian tukang-tukang makan...hahaha....tahu dah camne nak kasi sedap next time buat, maybe la lepas makan, terus orang mintak aku bukak kedai jual kek ke???. the close up of the tiramisu layer..

with nice food, there's no reason for not being happy. right?

- E N D -

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