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Monday, September 23, 2013

500 days of summer

i can't really remember the last time i watched 500 days of summer before last 3 weeks. but one thing i am sure, is that, i m so on Summer's side.

i kinda hate the movie now and to the fact that i only watched it long time ago because i would want to watch that cute Joseph Gordon Levitt in it. yes. i know. pathetic. and i just didn't get it why i felt differently back then when i watched it.

except for that sizzling hot physical thing that Summer had, i do possess almost all the quality in summer. yes. the bad quality of it. i do make friends through music. most of the time. i did.

so this is an entry  from my point of view about this kind of girl. i mean Summer kind. and yes. it's about me.

in my point of view, we shouldn't really blame Summer , she did mentioned earlier about the casualty of the relationship. he should have understood from the very beginning. she's not that cold hard bitch. she just don't want to develop that wrong feelings towards unnecessary person. she did have a boyfriend before she met Tom Hensen, because those friends that she had, are friends that she never put in that special friendzone list like what she did to Tom. I do have friends who i knew like me, and from the very beginning been warned about never expect anything from me and it turn out they tried hard to break the walls and before they succeed breaking the wall, i m gone forever, and some of them just changed to the meanest creature on earth. scary eh how people on earth actually live? hmmm... and i do have a lot of friends that i did not put in my 'special friendzone list', but, it seems like, its either they are too afraid to ask me about getting serious, or they just someone's boyfriend. well, this happen to me with one of my boy bestfriend. he got engaged. and suddenly few weeks before the marriage, he got confused maybe, and said that he loves me more than anyone else in the world. and my inner thoughts went: 'so, why didn't you ask before? you already asked other woman to be your other half. it's too late buddy!"

but, it just an inner thought,
i answered stuff like,"no, we've spent too much time together. so, i think you are confuse." until the day i knew the wedding was called off. i was shocked to death. but still.  im sorry, i did like you before,, i mean there's a potential that i might say yes if you asked me about getting serious before, but it's too late now. i m not ready to be your option. i rather be with my maniac 'fans,/stalkers' or whatever you called it, rather than be your option. (yes, i know, bajet sangat ada peminat!)

and gossip really won't work towards me. i'll never take it seriously. i'll just assume that people would happy to see us together. and the real fact is. either i am too polite to say 'hell no, i won't have heart for that guy!' or vice versa.  there's one gossip back Malaysia where i kinda know that this guy really had feelings for me too, (see, i like him too! magic!) but, he never asked me but he kept asking my friends about me instead. knowing me, my close friends would say, don't take risk to anyone who would want to try. and it end up. no he didn't ask me. he got engaged with some other woman now. and  i still remember those days when i kinda said to my friends stuff like "leave me alone, you guys are not helping at all, i like him before you told me this, but now i hate him because he asked my friend about my feelings before he asked me." and since then, they rarely make decisions for me. although they always worried about me crushing someone's heart.

being nice towards me as well meant nothing. i'll just assume that you're nice. because i am nice towards others too without expecting anything in return.

so, the conclusion for this entry is, if you like someone. let them know. there's no taboo to that. there's no harm doing that. i do have friends who confessed and still my best friend until now, and he got married and now he comes in package with his wife and their daughter to be part of good thing that happened in my life. if she's really your friend, they won't leave you. but yeah, i understand alter ego, it would be awkward later, but trust me, this kind of girl, they don't judge.  or by any chance they might like you too. ask. you are the man. be serious when you say it, because this kind of girls, they never take anything seriously, until they were told that it is serious. why should men make the first move? i'll say because it is necessary, you are the one who's gonna lead us one day. if we end up married anyway.

hint won't work, being nice won't work, or any other gesture just don't work. until it is confirmed. then they will let themselves develop themselves in loving you back. if they say no. then the answer will be no. stop forcing. yes, you can try for the second time. but if that doesn't work too. stop it before they start using you and stop value your friendship.

so, all in all. i am writing this on behalf all the women n girls out there who always mistakenly judge as cold bitch by everyone. Our feeling are priceless. we won't develop it for someone who don't deserve our sincerity. love us sincerely, and don't forget to remain as our best friend.

* i just lost a friend. and i don't know if he even was.
** i just feel like i need to write this entry. i always feel that man is the most complicated human being. yes. i know. everyone seems to agree more on how complicated a woman can be.
*** aku tengah tak paham keadaan yang berlaku

- E N D -

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