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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

it's a sign

currently im having this conflict with myself...conflict apa...aku pon tak tahu.. i am at the stage where i am too afraid about everything..outcome for ADR and PP and everything...(banyak kan masa aku untuk berfikir?)

so today, i decided to go to hobart and forget everything...i dont want to go to today's ADR meeting because i no longer have interest of doing it. (they kinda want me do what i don't really want to do...i mean, they let me choose at first, and say no later. so what's the point of getting me choosing what i think i want to do?)

i have few friends that encourage me to just go and do whatever i think is right...i mean..they said..yes to hobart plan...and i have few friends that say..NO NO to hobart plan....

so...this morning... i figure out that..the NO team is winning...due to a very bad weather...i have to stay!
T_T so. i think i would want to just sleep whole day and wake up and forget all the misery. im hoping that this is just the PMS thingy. I need to be okay for the final battle. i really need to. takde masa nak down down. i need to stay positive. and at this moment. i need to sleep.

*yes. deep down. i really feel like going to the bus station, beli tiket balik KL..hahhaa...not that im homesick. tapi nak lari kejap je dari rasa tak best ni. and deep down. i hope this bad weather will cause flood. so. school tutup. ha ha ha.

weatherzone update. siap tulis. IF IT'S FLOODED - FORGET IT!!

T_T fine~ please be ok kunang! now. tido dulu!

- E N D -

2 respond(s) to this blog:

Zulfadly said...

kalau rasa stress nak down2 ni, aku selalu pikir,benda ni semua akan berlalu, pastu akan jadi kenangan, nak tak nak kena tempuh" pastu perasaan tenang lah skit, haha, goood luck kekunang oi! g mancing kalau stress

Loque Hakim said...

kalau banjir rumah kita semua kat newnham nih selamat lagi pasal atas bukit ekekeke

indeed sometime we need a bit of a break kasi release stress... stay strong, you will be OK in the next few days!