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Sunday, August 18, 2013

each otherness

i've been seriously jiwa kacau seriously super duper jiwa kacau with zero air mata yang keluar..maybe tu sebab lagi stress kot? i just need to let it out.

i have my father who has tremendously worried about me. not that he never worried about me..but this time..he knew i am in a great depress.. i don't usually tell my parents when i am down...or senang cite..i barely tell them anything at all.. i am more to the listener and hanya cakap-cakap kosong type of person at home. or that 'multipurpose' guy who can do almost everything and always in control.

i usually complain about life at twitter..(obviously) by blogging.. and complain it to my friends who i'm pretty sure won't smack me at my face by being all mengada-ngada... sayang korang!

to be honest. i have loads of loves from everyone who cares. who i think secretly care. (i've told you before about how important to have right friends)

thank you for all the kindness. really. my life would be miserable without all of you.

you know who you are.

thank you.

i will be okay. with all the loves, how is it possible not to be ok?

- E N D -

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