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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


i think i have wrote somewhere that i think im gonna like ADR this semester? hey..i still like the unit...the meetings...the discussion...what really bothering me at this moment is the unwanted attention that i received during class... hmm..i don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing... but it seems like both ceridwen and scott keep discussing my research for ADR... well...for those who want to know what  the hell is stands for Advance Design Research...and i've been assigned to showcase group...which is quite contrast to what  i've done for my previous ADR...which was 'how do graffiti create space'..i never work in group for research before this is totally a new thing..

so..for this showcase group. we need to propose a form of communication to publish the collection of students' work that we have in the archive. im the kind who always turn to non-archi people when i think i don't know what to do...seriously... it A LOT! and i go and kacau everyone on earth that  i think love me with a lot of questions...hihi.. proposing an architecture exhibition with the non-archi people as my primary audiences. tak? (tak menahan perasan cool) the reason is that i think we, the architects always speak different language. with those complicated terms here and there. i really hate it when i think the point could be explained easily but they have it in a very complicated way. aku syak..sebenarnya dorang tak paham apa yang dorang nak cakap, so guna term hebat-hebat..nak kasi orang impress???

nak dijadikan cerita, there's a rumour that says that  our showcase group was formed because they want to start selling these communicating idea for non-archi people. yeay? i have hit the nail? or my proposal seems to be more straightforward? and realistic?

whatever it is. if they really want to hire me as an exhibition expert right after graduate, Alhamdulillah. i've worked once with MOA for their exhibition.(real life project) yes, i do have experience, but i didn't do any research back then. i just designed whatever i think appropriate.. you i know why He let me be in the interior firm...and make it really hard to get accepted in any company..see.. it helps now...i won't have this kind of knowledge if im in the architecture firm...

and if they are really interested with my 'expertise', they might let me direct an exhibition. cool eh? semua ini bunyi seperti janji2 manis...hahahhaa...tak kisah la tu...Alhamdulillah...daripada takde janji langsung kan? hihi..

so..sem ni ialah sem yang aku berazam, aku takmo pertikai dah why things happen certain way...i want to believe that He has greater plan for me. Walaupun sem ni terlalu pack, i feel blessed. banyak betul opportunity. They really let me do what i want and like. Alhamdulillah...semoga aku kurang rasa frust. gittew.

kepada semua yang mencurahkan unconditional love kat aku. yang memberi idea kat aku tanpa berbelah bagi. thank you very much. sayang korang!!! semua aku cakap tadi masa meeting..hehe..lecturer baru nak suruh aku interview non-archi people...dengan segera aku jawab..done that! =)

apa-apalah kan...He knows better...hidup yang happy ialah bila kita redha with whatever plans He made for us... yaaa...aura sini lah!! hihihi..

- E N D -

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