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Thursday, July 18, 2013

after midnight

as usual..tajuk nak A.. hahhaa...

anyway, my classes already started. And so far it had been good. and i have another class tomorrow and i actually have to prepare reflection for tomorrow's class. and here i am, wasting my time blogging.

Alhamdulillah, so far, He has ease my early journey a lot. and to be honest, i am super takut for tomorrow. InsyaAllah no more Geoff and hello Helen. She had been really good to me so far. I can see some of the mat saleh were getting a bit annoyed when she kept mentioning my name in class for no reason. And this is my first time working with her, and her randomness towards me was like WOW for today. It might seems unfair for others that i've been given so many options to ease my journey. Alhamdulillah. And thanks to her, i think now everyone in the class know my name. -_-"

well. i am actually reflecting my previous semester work. i feel okay with my brief. but feel sorry for my  AT4... i like it when i look back at my work and say, "i cant believe it that i can produce such an amazing thing" (at least it did look amazing to me, considering i am just an average student) and what happen tonight is the other way around. i was like "where did you put your brain when u drew this? u misplaced it?"

So, all the harsh and mean comments from abang bo now make sense. I do look like i don't know what i'm doing. and what  i can conclude is. I can't never work with Geoff. (and i did list him as my second option in my supervisor list! what the heck kunang?!!) i over think over everything when im with him. i am afraid to do anything, afraid that i might do it the wrong way than he expected it to be. i am too afraid that i am wrong all the time and towards the end, yes, i am in the wrong path. and the problem is me, not him at all. he is one of the most brilliant alive man i've ever met. sarcastic all the time, but yes, i've seen the other side of him too, he cares. he always has his own soft spot for everyone.

So, aturan Allah pasti ada sebab musabab nya. He wont plan it for no reason. I've learned. Learned that, when i am too afraid, too careful in everything i do, i suck. when i'm too afraid, i have that tendency to over think, when i over think, i screw up.

So, tonight im gonna promise myself, i might be complaining about this Library thingy again, but i am so going to love it. library really is my thing. i hope helen will treat me good. she seems like a nice person today. and i hope it lasts. hehehe.

Finally, design stage! dah boleh berhenti fikir strategi tak berkesudahan....yeay..!!

- E N D -

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Zulfadly said...

best of luck final sem jejemah! dasyat si jep komen, seriau baca, haha