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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

i'm following the flow

today is going to be the day..the day when i'll be officially out from tasssie...hey i come...!!!

being random me...tak sangka ramai lagi manusia lain yang juga we talked about how we find launnie boring... maka that is the trigger point where one of the friend said..'selamba, esok lunch hobart' and diikuti dengan sahutan...'selamba' and 'i oke je'. i think i had an endless fun for these past few days...i went out a lot..merepek a lot..being with great companies...although at home, i had all my favourite books around and had endless great skype session with numbers of friends yang dah lama gila tak catch up...all of those make me feels good... 

well, we promise we won't miss tassie in the future although towards the end one of us said he would love to bring his future family to come again to tassie and show em where he studied..haha..

i always miss the great  time i had in tassie...not the place...really...

so..back to the hobart story...launceston to hobart is like 2 to 3 hours manusia yang sudah nak bergerak ke melbourne hari ini untuk another adventure...yes...agak gila to have another 'adventure' a day before the real adventure starts.

so. yesterday... ross for breakfast, we had scallop pie. hobart for lunch -nandos. mona was closed yesterday. so we decided to go to mount wellington to kill the time.(and were'nt ready for the freezing weather up there at all) and tea at retro cafe before home at salamanca. then...heading straight back to launceston..owh..we did enter ross village to see what they do during night time..(gila! pengaruh movie terlalu banyak) and endless repekan along the way...thank God ada kesedaran, if not, there's a possibility of midnight movie yesterday...nasib baik masing-masing dah low battery mengantuk... and bila sampai rumah my housemate siap ingatkan.."ingat ye, esok is your flight, jangan keluar pegi mana-mana pulak besok." sebab she was super surprise when i told her that im going to hobart. satu, sebab my obvious partner in crime (aqilah) is no longer around, dua, sebab the next day is my flight to melb. 

i had great time tho! thanks korang for driving all the way...(kereta manual, mak tak mampu hoccay...!!) sampai hari ni aku macam tak percaya i went to hobart yesterday.. -_-". random sangat~

so today! i come!!! 

aku tengah fikir camne aku nak angkut beg ni..dekat 30kg nak pikul!

for those who wonders. no. i'm not going with them (they-in the pics) to melbourne. i had the girls come up to melbourne to have fun with me! 

- E N D -

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Zulfadly said...

jelos aku berjalan2!!! argh!!mesti akim yg nak bawak famly dia, hahaha, ok, selamt berjalan lagi