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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected.

A phrase that will always remind me to a friend. Use to be a very close one indeed. We understood each other like we've known each other for forever.

BTW..we hate each other now...and it's better that way.

Lesson learnt today. I forget to expect the unexpected. I forget the fact that the closer you are to someone, the higher the chance of getting hurt. Too afraid of hurting might hurt too. I am afraid of getting hurt, but I am more afraid of hurting.

People won't be nice all the time. But it did not make them bad at all. To get hurt is normal. The most important is not being the one who you already hate.

What had happened today made me realize. I had hurt a lot of people. Seriously. 


Lesson learnt.

Aku tau aku tak layak sakit hati pon.

I really am sorry. Should be apologizing to everyone. Who do I start first?

Yes. You.


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