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Monday, November 5, 2012

status? It's complicated

i had this very complicated love-hate relationship with architecture.

i don't think i am obsessed with everything related to architecture like some of my friends...

yes, i do enjoy exploring software...but it doesn't mean anything at all.. exploring software is like exploring new games...

i love the crucial part where you seen nothing but problems in certain's like deciding which is the party to be chose during see the problem...but you try hard to make it become an ultimate opportunity.. you studied it..sometimes you lie to yourself that it's gonna work.. or you kept crossing your finger hoping it will work..

i think i hate urban design..but the truth is..i like urban design more than anything else..

i just found out that my way of thinking in architecture field is from major to minor...when i start to change my way of thinking so i could be just like everyone else..i screwed up...i am that random girl who always see things in a bigger picture.. (exaggerated much? hahaha )

*aku rasa aku macam dah tahu kenapa projek tu semua macam 'bukan aku'. i still remember my 'kampung' presentation..being the only one who presented it without master plan.. -berani mati- T_T but the invention silent the panel. oke...syok sendiri...syok sendiri...

**tips untuk idea - read. jangan asyik tengok gambar je. impression je tu. macam kalo ko tengok orang cantik/hensem tapi bila kenal macam sampah. camtu aaa..

kalau tengah edit gambar camni pon meleleh air liur..lagi mahu cakap tak suka archi..? ptuih!!

- E N D -

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