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Thursday, November 1, 2012

my fan club

handling female fan seems to be way harder than the male.

*i almost never had any interest towards anyone...i fondly adore someone... so i just don't understand these come you can like someone for no reason..just like that..

FYI..they are not lesbian...some of them aren't. i do have gay fan too. and i think i'm gonna ask them one day why they like me so much...maybe we should just be friend and stop this fan club thingy...

confused.confuse.and will always stay that  way.

- E N D -

2 respond(s) to this blog:

YanaUjang said...

kt mana aku bley register utk msk fan club ko?? bahaha :p

kekunang said...

ko tak yah register...memang aku dah masukkan dalam ko ada fan aku boleh terima..blogger tegar kot!