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Saturday, October 6, 2012

just got back...and i can't wait until tomorrow to write about this


i just got back from Singapore..

i just finished unpack everything..and i should have rest and have my beauty sleep now...


i just feel the urge of producing this entry..

this is not really a book just another thought from me about stuff i think i should share with the world.

i bought this just now while waiting for the flight to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore...although i had my kindle with me...that  won't stop me from buying book/s.. -___-"

i just couldn't stop myself from buying books...and Changi Airport...they had an awesome collection on the rack...(it's seem impossible to me not to buy one...seriously)

i told my friend about one of the book i read while browsing the rack...(Nora surprised me with the book... thank you...i seriously love the book! it's inspiring...!!)

i even talked to strangers at  the bookshop and said that i like the book..and he should have it... =p
(well..he asked for an opinion anyway...)

i would like to blog about the steal like an artist a person who involved in art world..i would suggest everyone to read do whatever it takes to get yourself to read the book...everyone should read this book...i haven't research about this book yet..(i mean, to see what others have to say about it)..but i personally love's my new self motivation book...(after living architecture by peter zumthor)...the way he wrote the book is just, so's like reading my own notes about myself...(some part of it look like my Design Research Method notes)...and the best  part is to read about Wilson Mizner.."if you copy from one author, it's plagiarism, but if you copy from many, it's research." i had that quote written in my notebook (which i carry where ever i go)...and quite surprise to see it written in the book...

he wrote about the 'unread library'...and that part make me feel less guilty to myself for not yet reading all the books i had on rack... =P

after reading the book...i think i can tick 9 out of 10 tips...and the most important thing that i learn after reading it, is to love what i appreciate stuff i did...and it's definitely okay to fail..

i realize that i can't live without art...because i love it so much that sometimes it annoyed me... point no.5...'side projects and hobbies are important'...seriously..i can't agree more on this point...i know that i am not good at painting...but painting help me forget about my work..and it helps me to concentrate and generate fresh ideas after struggling doing all the 'killing' task...i don't do it for money, popularity, or marks...i do it for self satisfaction..i'm happy with the result and i don't care if it look stupid...i am happy to share and show it...

i love music because i think it is the best medium that i can use to make a new friends..i read everything because i always curious about everything..i like a lot of thing..but i only collect stuff that i really like....

i don't want to be a spoiler here...

but i am happy to recommend whoever had read this entry to read

STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST by Austin Kleon..

the book had somehow help me understand myself... and i'll make sure i write a fan letter to the person who had inspired me...(read the book and you'll understand..)

*i love almost everything about the book. and hey Austin. we share the same horoscope!!

- E N D -

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