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Friday, June 8, 2012


i had a super hectic week this week...and yet..another less hectic week is awaiting next week...and i dont know if i'll have a peace better week the week after or i'll just keep whining about everything and ungratefully react towards everything...

owh.. i just watched Another of my friend recommend it..surprise enough to know that i actually already had that movie but haven't watch must be an uncool movie huh? or else...i must have watch it long time ago..ha! so..its another think-flat movie in my opinion...the feeling f watching it is like when i watched adaption-simply pathetic i must say but yet too brilliant to be digested in my mind...(a typical underground type movie maybe? with too many hidden message in it )

somehow..i think another earth definly is not the right movie to be watched right i feel bad... too much thinking will drive you nuts... seriously~

as i watched that..i am thinking about how pathetic my life now..and how i am in my own world...and how the world view me... yeah..people who are attached to art thingy are weird...we know we are weird...and we thing people with us from the same circle are weirdos...and we rather use the word unique to define this weird-ness? (too in denial to be in that weird circle?)

after submitting those two tasks that nearly killed.... i havent feel all....!!!


- E N D -

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