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Friday, June 1, 2012

Hold on, you have to make it through

Seriously sick and tired of all these tasks…I am totally blurred and almost have no idea about what I am currently doing… please hold on kunang!

I never thought that I could get sick with something that I really into. With the super cold weather…I could have die sick of struggling doing stuff that I, myself are not sure if it would turn out ok or bad. I am here to declare…I am seriously panic for everything now.. panic basically in my very own dictionary means lack of preparation to ‘fight’.. yes I am not well prepared to fight in this archi crazy battle… and I am so not sure if I am brave or strong enough to be in the battle… (sempat lagi nak doubt diri sendiri..? *slap forehead)

Ok…I had this major headache yesterday that I thought I could have fall sick badly..but...alhamdulillah.. after 8 hours of sleep..(and bangun stress sbb dah buang masa banyak sangat untuk tido..T_T) i feel better when I woke up this morning.. what left is just that slight fever and rasa tak sedap seluruh badan..(well I think its normal..each time nak submission pon seram sejuk…haha..)

*I need all the strength in the world…to make it through.. (poyo!)
**I met few people that reminds me a lot about the past..they sound like them…act like them..and nice like them…and thank God they do not look like them… I used to get rid of these people before… and it would be the same in present.. when the time comes… what should happen..will eventually happen. 

- E N D -

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