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Sunday, May 13, 2012


that's me....

not the type that you could control or demand something
i hate people asking me to do something that i don't want to do
i refuse to do stuff i don't want to do
i rarely do that 'just give it a go' stuff

when you questioned my action
it's obvious you know nothing about me at all

i could be be the sweetest person you ever knew
and your worst nightmare at the same time

i am very good at 'blending in' the crowd
i am very honest all the time (you know what i mean...i don't really into comforting people for no reason...)
i know i annoyed people easily just as how easy i got annoyed with people
my anger goes away as fast as it comes
i hate and love everything at the same time
forgiving is as easy as ABC to me

i love heels just like other girls on earth
i could walk and run like a man in it
just like how i did when i'm with converse
when i said heels...i mean high heels...that hell super high heels

i am that freaky psychic
you gonna believe it because you have no idea how much i've been through

so, if you don't want to be treated like other typical person i knew in my life... stop typically treat me like other typical person in your life... because i promise you... i'll make sure, we'll hate each other from the core...

*however, i always hope i am the best thing ever happened in someone's life.

- E N D -

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