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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

how selfish people can be... i would like to talk about selfishness...yeah...when boredom strikes..i had plenty of time to think about things that might annoyed me..

i am still in Launceston menghabiskan duit mak bapak...which I think sangat loser considering my age and i am staying here doing nothing..apply keje semua tak dapat...grrr....

As money is the biggest issue lately, so i have to be a bit 'berkira' here and seriously..i hate it...but i have to, now...this berkira situation will happen only when
1) you are dealing with another berkira human being
2) you are dealing with a human being yg 'harta ko - harta aku TAPI harta aku- aku sorang je yg punya'
3) people who always take advantage on others

first and foremost
no matter how rich your friends are....NEVER NEVER NEVER take advantage on them no matter what...unless they really want to pay it for you... the give and take situation should always happen...NEVER always take or always give..NEVER...this is how BFF finally goes ballistic and turn to 'i hate you from the core'. trust me..i've been in both i know how it feels like...

civic factors...
when you start something together...make sure you finish it in halfway together or only be together when you feels like it...this usually applied on the shared properties...this as well...i've been in both shoes...when people choose when they want to get involve but the real fact that is...ape kejadahnya in a logic civil mind..put yourself in your friends' situation...why would they need to pay for your part? or do stuff on your behalf? you shared it right..the concept is still the want it look good..?? do it together...

2nd part of civic factor
call me fussy...yes i am...but i rather call it responsibilities... when you are using someone else properties...please take a good care of it as it is one of yours.don't simply campak2 sesuka hati, kalau bawak kereta semua lubang ko masuk, masuk highway bawak kete laju lepas tu member ko yang kna baya saman responsible...bukan nya kawan ko takmo bagitau ko..tapi..sometime they already know..your answer will be..'aku takde duit' or that lame sorry face..(this also applied to other stuff like shoes, laptops, clothes, books, bla bla bla..)so...yeah..there's no point in asking...after all..if you have no intention at all in putting yourself in others seriously..there no point letting you know and stop blaming others..and saying that it is not your problem at is all about civic!

let me make it clear.. in any problem...never in a chance only 1 person is the bad one...NEVER...
1) mana ada manusia perfect
2) takkan ade manusia 100% innocent

i always tried my best not to dwell in the pass and concentrate on the present moment..not saying that i don't think about the future at all...berhati2 itu pasti... but saying something like...ko pon macam tu jugak dulu is definitely seriously wrong!!! people don't live in their least your friend let you know that you are 'suck'..have you ever been trying to tell him/her about it in the past time?

okay..enough about money talk...but money really do matters in every single aspect in don't say it is not can change a better or worse...

benarlah kata manusia-manusia typical
no money no talk

*serabut sbb takde duit..T_T(duit ade, tapi rasa guilty..tak baik lak kata takde duit...)
**be responsible..!! masalah aku ialah aku sering lupa aku takde insuran mulut...tapi if korang tak cukup menjengkelkan..pasti aku lah the sweetest person you ever know on earth! (oke boleh muntah skarang!)
*** teringat time meminjam laptop nora untuk jangka masa yg super lama awal2 tahun dulu..!! jasamu dikenang!!
****yg lain2 yg pernah dipinjam barangnye...thank you korang! kalo ade yg aku terlupa pulang..baik tuntut segera!

- E N D -

1 respond(s) to this blog:

Nana Eddy said...

stuju setuju dan setuju lagi!! hehe

Money is not everything but it is definitely a pretty DAMN IMPORTANT thing!! ahahahah~

all the best Kuna. bila balik cni, jom lepak!