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Saturday, October 15, 2011

working drawing is a piece of art - Peter Zumthor

quoted back from Zumthor in his book Thinking Architecture, he demanded each architect to be able to draw detail by themselves so we would be able to completely understand our building...reading his book is so inspiring..and his way of treating material and be true to the design shows the truth of being true.

Mat was the first one who  discover my interest i must say(when i dont have idea about it). i start to understand what he meant after reading all his notes in my assignment. later came catriona and ceridwen... now i  understand why i like geoffrey bawa...and why mat think i must love Peter Zumthor and Herzog and de Meuron. They have seen the potential in me..and it's time for me to make it become real and bring out all the quality. I still having a problem in producing a working dwg..i still confuse with all the jointing and the materials..and still confuse why i should pay more attention on the north side...i still don't see working dwg as a piece of art..although Zumthor did mention that working dwg is the preliminary stage to have others experience our  imagination. have to agree with him.

thinking of his words make all the the stress go away somehow...let's create the artwork!

- E N D -

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