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Sunday, July 31, 2011

aware and beware

a short one before i dedicate my whole life for DRM..


*reminder to myself
aware and beware about stuff that should come out from your mouth...u have no idea at all how it can hurts someone else heart...and most importantly..annoyed by what you said...

i remembered Ayah(my uncle who i addressed as Ayah) mentioned about sensitivity...and today's incident taught me how by only one words or wrong approach can led us to the worst scenario...He shows me the real situation..and now i understood completely about how it feels like...

"yes...when all you need is positiveness...and what people around you kept giving you is 'negative-ness'... i dont know how long can i hold on.." quoted by Ayah

agree with you Ayah...

Thank you Allah.

- E N D -

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