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Sunday, May 30, 2010

what happen next??

mari berfikir ...

lately, other than politic issue, theres a lot of other issues that kept filling the newspaper's page...i kept wondering whats gonna happen next...after kes buang bayi...after kes nak naikkan gaji maid sampai rm800...gempa bumi sana sini...rusuhan merata2...and after no more subsidy for malaysian...what is going to be the next 'issue'??

this what so called money issue never really came across in my mind before this actually...but lately...banyak sangat yang naik...(gaji tak naik pon)...if 'oprah' said 'its not about consumerism, its all about living'...

what will happen in our country NEXT is about 'how to live??'

its even hard for us to live now....
apetah lagi nak consume consume ni kan.... i grew old...this money issue dah jadi part of bahan bualan time 'lepak di kedai mamak'....sometimes i wonder how our parents manage their they manage to get us what we want instead of what we

what really worries me among all are tolls and gas...lektrik seme tu...erm..mungkin la mlm2 tido bukak tingkap je la lepas ni...lampu - mungkin lilin je rr...(mother nature will be happy with this penarikan subsidy forsure kalo seme org jimat lektrik...)

okey..lets go back to gas and toll...i still remember those days when my full tank was rm80...sangat membebankan...seminggu compem 2 kali gak nak full tanknye...dah rm160...sebulan??? rm640 dah...gaji purata rakyat yg normal like me??paham2 la bape je yg tinggal setelah mcm2 lg yg nak kna bayar...

pikir2 balik...rase nak jadi citizen denmark pon ade...they have amazed me with their system...seriously...tapi...okeyla...jadi rakyat malaysia pon least aman je malaysia nih... tapi sape yg taknak jadi one of the happiest people in the world like the copenhagen ppl kan?
(ni bunyi ayat2 kurang bersyukur)

FYI...denmark merupakan negara yg mengenakan 50% tax...(correct me if im wrong)and seme ditanggung,sekolah, ape ntah lg...kalo dibuang kerja...government akan tlg carikan kerja utk mereka secepat juga akan cuba membayar gaji until 90% just like before they re 'thrown out', this is what they said(the people la)...they chose their carrier because that is what they want to do...bukan sebab gaji besa ke hape ke...sbb they live almost equally.....and they married to who they like or love without worrying brape gaji spouse mereka...skolah free...nursery rate sgt free...they even pay you for studying...(money as support system..kata mereka) ppl are living their life equally ...crime pon lesser...theres almost NO homeless...senang cite they trained their ppl to live by living...not consuming.. ok...enuf with denmark..
so, selaku rakyat biasa... i know i shouldnt be the one who have to worry about all these my whole life, i've been living with 'people' who work in private sector... so i know how is it like during recession....

hurm...this is what adult do...we worried about everything... jadik budak2 jugak... happy je...abeh kuat pon tensen sbb kna marah sbb asyik playing around je....

kesimpulan - if only i could turn back time (tak pasal-pasal)

p/s : sorry with the rojak...nih mmg takde tapis2..keluar direct dari otak...
= bila berfikir...mmg mcm2 bahasa came across...(",)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i adore you friend

i read one of my friend's blog...and without realizing it...i've burst into tears...using only simple wording...simple story...i m touched by her story....she is one of my many friends during school years...i still remember when she said that i m one of her strongest friend but i m also one of her most fragile friend she ever met...she might not think i m her best friend nor her most trustworthy friend....i don't mind it at all..because to me...she is one of many special people in my heart...speaking to her made me feel calmer...and i feel stronger each time i spoke to her...after many years of not contacting each other...whenever i feel blue...whenever i feel so upset or feel like there's no more tomorrow...other than Allah...she is the only person i can think of...weird...

i know this friend wont never know how special she is..because we r not even a close friend...she never judge me...always kept stories that i told her...never ignore me...always tried to help me when ever i need help... shes humble..shes sensitive...and she always come with a great solution and brilliant advice...

some of my other friend thought that i might hate her as she is the sweetheart to the man that i used to admire...but shes just too special for me to hate her......but i did feel 'something' at first.... and i dont really care now actually ...

she wrote about important to us to have believe that Allah will guide us to the right she appreciated every single thing in her life...the sun...the breeze that always bother her...the moth...even the problem that came in her life....reading her blog made me realize that Allah is always with us...we are actually the one who always not with him...she reminded me of zikir whenever i feel believe that Allah will somehow shows me the right path...'sometimes it happen after you make 100 wrong turns'...(it so true)

dear friend...
u have this 'magic' that u dont know....i feel calmer each time i have conversation with you...i know i can be me whenever i be with you...your honesty..your tenderness...your kindness...your brilliant advice...the way you spoke out what ever you have in mind...
i just love it...
and i m so damn sure that you'll never know or expect that i appreciate you this much...

i love you friend...
i adore you...
i m happy to have you in my life...
and i don't mind at all if i meant nothing to you...

she is one of my many friend that i might be you...or it might be someone can never tell who is the person that meant a lot to you until 'something' came up....

like what i've said..she is one of might be one of em...
p/s: it's true that sometimes just by listening to someone's voice or seeing someone's smile can take away all the negative feelings...

f r i e n d s...i cherished you!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

you know you are an architecture student when

*copied it from somewhere long time ago...and had added some...i enjoy reading it over and over again somehow...feel free to add some.... know the janitors by name

....your roommates say "good morning," and you reply "good night." carry a toothbrush in your backpack.

....someone asks you for your phone number and you give them the studios. start paying rent for your desk space in studio.

....You total up 3 meals of the day to your breakfast."

....'Red Bull/livita/100 plus are you favorite drink.

....all of the Christmas gifts you give are wrapped in trace. ask Santa Clause for architecture supplies. ask Santa Clause for a sleeping bag.

....after all of your expenses, you can't afford to pay attention. have 3 or more cups of double shot coffee espressos in one night. hear the same song on the radio 3 or more times in one night.

.... You know the different taste between UHU and Pritt glue

.... You can stay alive without sunlight, communicate with people nor having foods but you would commit suicide if the plotter doesn't plot your work out. workers are already working.

....You've lost your house key and you realized a week later. sleep more than 16 hrs at weekends. dance madly at 3 am though u aren't drunk.

.... You are an expert and Photoshop, 3DS Max, illustrator and auto cad but you don't know how to use MS excel (so true!!) spend more time in studio than in your own bed.

....your parents are complaining that you're not having enough fun. only leave studio to buy supplies. haven't taken a shower in a week. see showering as a waste of time.'ve even dreamt about your models.

....upon hearing 'supermodel', you think of a nicely crafted-foam core model.

....your parents have more of a social life than you.

....your 14-year-old brother has more of a social life than you. consider using broccoli for your models. enjoy hanging out at 'Home and Garden Fair'. know all the 24-hour food places in the area.

....your friends get more sleep in one night than you do in one week.

....the streetlights turn off.

...You consider 3AM an early night.

....when you are out at 3AM, and people knows where you're at.

....everything you eat comes in single serving baggies.

...smoking sounds appealing.'re out on Friday nights in studio.

....the only building on campus with its lights on is your studios'. say "It's only midnight- I have plenty of time to finish." confuse sunrise with sunset. ask what time it is, then ask "AM or PM?" strangle your roommate because she said she stayed up late studying.

....your Friday night is 68 hours long. know how much a cubic foot of concrete weighs (150lbs). slice your finger, and the first thing you think of is if you'll be able to finish your model. understand why architects have glasses and white hair.

....You call some great architects as if they are you friends. err... Frank... Tadao. .... Corb know all of these are true, no exaggerations. can listen to all your CD's in one night.

....certain songs remind you of studio.

....Sister's favorite brand names are Prada DNKY etc... But yours are Mastex, Staedtler, pentel, rotring. dare not to have a gf/bf because no-one can accept you for what you are. can conceptually compose the food on your plate. think the 'Weekender' happens every weekend.

....upon hearing 'Weekends' you think of sleep.OR SUBMISSION NEXT MONDAY!!

....the 'Shop Cafe' closes when you arrive, and reopens before you leave studio. have to wait for breakfast shops to open. go to the food shop, and order the "usual", and they understand. use architecture tools to eat. only buy groceries once a month. wake up to go to school and you're already there. start wearing all black. have no life, and admit it. start to critique a radio selection's selection of songs. bring your friends to studio to keep you company. refer to outside studio as the "Real World."

...."going out to eat" is at the 'Shop Cafe'.

....going on a vacation involves going to 'Flax' or 'Pearl'. confuse today and tomorrow. tell time by when other people leave studio. can write a 6-page term paper by procrastinating. hear "Didn't you wear that yesterday?' followed by "and the day before that?"

....your roommate files a Missing Person Report. count the number of days (not hours) you've been awake. think days are 48 hours long. go to the store to buy a six-pack of 'Red Bull'

...."Homecoming" happens once a term.

....on Halloween, you dress like your instructors.

....on Halloween you trick-or-treat in studio to get arch supplies or 'Red Bull.'

...."respect", "coolness', and "hatred" are all based on how much sleep you get, or lack of. see your own picture on a milk carton. start using words your instructor uses.

....your bed has collected a layer of dust on it.

....concept of time is not forward, but a countdown from the time a project is due contemplate dropping your major 3 times a day. have a tent pitched in studio, but still don't go to sleep.

....doing models all night long excites you. know the people in the studio better then your roommates.

....X-acto knives can be dangerous

... as we all know or will find out.

....Red Bull pyramids are some of our late-night late projects.

....Elmer's glue doesn't dry quick -- not even close.

....They know the phrase "Always done, never done" all too well and wish the professors would stop saying it

....They can always have more construction lines.

....They know the number and price of their favorite item in the snack machine downstairs, as well as every other item and all the drinks in the other two machines drink more in studio than you do when you're out have sent messages on aim to another jackass architecture student in the same room as you are think "X-Acto Blade Throwing" is a sport. have 3 or more 'Mountain Dews' in one night spend more time in studio than with your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend.'ve memorized your favorite vending machine combination item use your T-square or straight edge as a baseball bat/as a sword/light saber.

.....the day has 2 sunrises. test which glue will cause your model to burn faster. can't draw without listening to music!

.... when people tell you that they like walking around with you because you see things know one else does.

.... when you don't understand how someone doesn't strategize their way through traffic

....when someone says "icon" and you think of Louis I. Kahn

.... When you're not sure what day of the week it is

.... When you have slept straight through a day and into the next day after a final review

.... When lack of sleep makes you feel and act as if you are high

.... When any flat surface is seen as a place to take a nap

.... When the books that you read consist primarily of photographs and not so much of words

.... When you go to studio and spend more time socializing than doing work

.... When you have enough guts to tell a critique that they are wrong

.... When everyone in studio hates you because you are the one who plays their music too loudly

.... When after playing your music too loudly the same people who hated you start to take interest in your music

.... When you have developed an addiction to buying new albums, because you have gotten sick of all your old ones

.... When trying to decide what album to play you find an album you haven't listened to a while and it ends up being the perfect choice.

.... When professors for courses outside of the architecture school are lenient once they are aware you are an architecture student.

.... When you tell someone in another school that you are architecture major and they automatically assume you have no social life

.... When you have a non architect friend who wants to tag along to architecture parties because they know that architects have the best parties

.... When you are the only sober person standing outside of the hot truck on a Friday/ Saturday night

.... When you have a sign taped to your back that says do not disturb unless you are ordering food

.... You have given a final presentation with your fly open

.... You try to do things to make your friend laugh while he is presenting

In all honesty I've experienced 95% of these...