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Saturday, June 27, 2009

tourrete syndrom

I have been watching this movie entitled “Front Of The Class” at HBO. The movie is about a man who suffers tourrete syndrome since he was a little kid. Im not saying that I m not the crying type while watching movies..i have to admit that I m the easy crying type especially when it comes to humanity issues. I just cant stand people who just treated other people badly when they actually were clearly stronger, healthier, smarter or wealthier. It just so unfair to those who are in need.
Okay..back to the movie…it was originally a book written by brad cohen himself (the one who suffer tourrette) it’s a based on true story book+movie…I’ve never read the book yet…but already watched the movie..tourrete is an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder with onset in childhood. I m not the tourrete specialist but I know that no one want this syndrom happen to any of his/her family. Cohen’s parents divorced during his early childhood. He barked and twitched constantly during his waking hour. His mom was compassionate but not his father. At first, the doctor told his mom that it was just a reaction or something like emotional reaction to his parents’ divorce.(personally, I’ve once seen this kind of situation where the child keep tic tac tic while sitting beside me…and I don’t know whether it was tourrete or the kid had just tried to annoy me..hehehe…) what made me really touched when watching this movie was the spirit of the mother. She kept telling her son that never let the tourrete win. The reason why she said that is because she wanted her son to believe that nothing can stop one’s dream. It really hard to grow up as one who suffers tourrete because the sound they made cant be controlled and its getting worst when they are nervous and afraid. The kids and even the adults kept laughing and make and awkwardly stare at him. He did tell his mom that what he need is just that to people to accept him. He had a wonderful mom, younger brother n friends who always understood him and supported him. He made himself open to any question that people might ask after they discover about the tourrete syndrome. It really touching when he said ‘it is okay to be different’, “the only thing I can never do is play hide n seek”…those are some of the stuff he said to his students in second grade…after all it really a good movie to me…the message was clear…I really touched and it really made me think again how important to appreciate all people around you….

Monday, June 22, 2009

have you watched this???

if you were born during the 80's...i bet you've watched this kind of series when you were young...hahha...i m kinda missing those series...

here another one..MASKMAN!!

and another...GABAN!!!!!

last but not least...SATRIA BAJA HITAM....the cutest hero...hahaha...i used to really really like him when i was still kid...

QD...!!!thanks for the 'sharing-maring'...i enjoyed it neway..heheh...(",)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

urana exham

for my first blog, i want to share some of stuff i've read recently...not really recently...but quite recently....although my english is not yet reaching the level where malaysians will say 'cair bila bercakap'.. but i have to admit that when it comes to reading, i prefer english stuff...yes i admit it..i've been cynical towards the malay books...its not because they're not good..but they always had almost the same plot in every book...and you can always expect what is gonna happen next....the writer always wrote what you want to read..yeah i know writers should entertain the readers, but they have to surprise us...then it makes them a better writers... ok....i just want to share my opinion about these books...i have stop reading malay books since highschool...but lately my perspective about malay book had somehow changed.just after i read urana exham...i think its good, fresh,cool, interesting, complicated, and full of had smooth storyline and never in my mind thought that a Malaysian would write something like this...u guys should read it... its an imagination of our future life...its kinda illogical here and there...but if you love stuffs like star wars or star trek or any kind of science fiction story..then you should read those books...the language is easy to be understood...yet not too straightforward..just nice...em...end of promotion...later...!!!

for the first time

i m still new in this blogging thing....and i dont have anything to share 'yet'...i'll come out with an issue later for us to for me!!! (",)