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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

live urself!!!!

the reason why i wrote this is because theres so many people around me fall sick lately....i felt sorry for em...(what else can u do or say neway??)including the late yasmin ahmad coma case, today is my third time listening to these 'coma' stuff...1st shocking case was of course the yasmin's case...then last midnight my friend called me telling me that her father now are warded...i m quite shocked because shes not really my close friend...but then she chose me to be her crying shoulder...i went to see her this morning just to calm her say everythings gonna be keep strong...(the best thing i can think of to say to her just now....)i've informed some of other friends about her father...asked everybody to pray for the best...then this of my used to be a neighbour in Ampang called my house...yes..our mother are best friend...but not us...we are not even close..when i answered the phone...i heard a crying man over the phone...and suprisingly he knew my name and told me that his father was coma since this morning...again...i got shocked...and i know its too inappropriate to ask who's actually on the line...but i really have to ask...i felt sorry but i dont who he is...when he told me who he is...i got double shocked...(what??second bad news)and once again...the only best thing i can say is everythings gonna be ok...(actually it's his mom who asked him to call...just to inform my mom..)i informed my mom and from her expression i knew she's hardly believe what i told her...then i called my dad to tell about this uncle...and i give all the detail about where is the hospital, the ward & etc...
i wonder why all these things happen...yeah i knew its all about the qada' & qadar thing...but its all happening too it because of the way of living? the things that we ate maybe??or the way we handle the stress?? i dont know...but i do pray the best for stay happy and healthy....its bad to know that people u knew got sick...i just cudnt find the right word to say to em when they told me the bad news...what i can just do is their crying shoulder and say 'insyaallah...everythings gonna be ok..."(although it seem impossible to me that things will turn out to be ok...)so when i say life is is colorful...this is the part where i hate the healthily friends...!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


since the swine flu had infected lots of people around the world...the impact towards the community can clearly be seen...people started wearing mask..they wash their hand more frequently...schools are closing...universities are closing...they read a lot about how to avoid the disease...bla..bla..bla...for this past few housemate and I are suffering bad cough caused by the "jerebu"(haze) (i guest)...and lots of people thought that we are actually suffering h1n1...hahaha...each time we cough...people will stare at us weirdly and i can see the worry'ness' in their not blaming them for their thought that we re actually suffering h1n1..because we did look like people with disease..hahaha....we went to the pusat kesihatan uitm early in the friday morning and found that theres a long queue of people waiting to see the doctors...the we decided to postponed our intention of meeting the doctor to the next day(since the q was too long)...oh ya...we are actually required to go to the site on friday at to putrajaya we went...both of us were coughing badly and we realize that our cough had getting during solat jumaat we went to klinik putrajaya(or watever they called it)...the nurse outside the klinik scan for our temperature and confirmed that we both were free from last a confirmation from someone that can convince all my friends that we both are not suffering h1n1...hahhah...we went to see the doctor and got the prescription...told just a normal cough...although i lost my doesnt mean i m sick to death..hahaha..

with this kind of infection...people now became more aware about cleanliness, healthcare, and what they eat for life...hehehe...people wore mask whenever they need to be in crowd and they wash their hands more frequent...but sometimes awareness might lead to paranoia...hhaha...some of em just being so paranoid just by listening to someone dear friends...if you are suffering a really bad fever(demam panas), and you had the cough, the flu, or u flew to somewhere that already blacklisted with the h1n1..then you better be serious and make a further check up..if u just suffering a flu n cough like need to be too worry...its haze in malaysia...drink lots of plain water, take supplement if u need any...then u'll stay healthy...peace..!!!